532 – The black shadow of the Dragon of Envy passes over the lands of King Gwynfor, lord of all the Alamani. Within the year, he is overthrown and his once strong kingdom is torn apart by his three daughters.

789 – Lucianus, greatest knight of the Alamanni, sees the mighty dragon drinking a pond dry. He is dead within the week. Wasted away till his shrunken body was almost unrecognizable.

942 – Ingvar the Proud, King of the Aerlights, has his raiding career cut short. Returning from Alamanni lands with ships stuffed full of treasure, his men sight Invidia in the skies. A mighty storm smashes his longships against the high cliffs. None survive.

1241 – Jean LabbĂ©, high priest of Leufred the Forgotten, is the victim of nightly visits by the Dragon of Envy. It circles over the cathedral, even perching on the spires and letting out a roar loud enough to ring the church bells. After two weeks of visitations, the elders of the city throw their high priest from the cathedral’s tallest tower. The dragon is not seen again.

-Excerpts from Waleran’s History of the Alemanni People



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