Tosaka Rin

Elven Mage


Sharp eyes, styled hair, stylish robes, thin body.


Tosaka is her family name, and what she prefers strangers (I.E. EVERYONE) call her. Cassius keeps calling her Rin, which she has tried to explain is overly familiar, to no avail.

She had a vision that Steve would be important. For reasons. And yes, she knows how that sounds; but she also knows better than to call the spirits out on it. Who knows. Maybe there is something heavy that needs to be lifted, or something stupid that needs to be said.

She also became Master of the Hunt. This doesn’t seem like a terrible idea. At All.

Tosaka’s Goals
1. Find Kai (or at least her soul).
2. See Steve fulfill his destiny.
3. Find solace for Queen Herla.
4. Locate a place of power and ritual Steve a new hand.
5. Help Cassius kill dragons.

Tosaka Rin

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